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VulcanForms™ builds and operates advanced digital manufacturing infrastructure. We enable the world's critical industries to innovate, grow, and deliver sustainable impact.

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Reshaping manufacturing in the United States and worldwide

Catalyze innovation

Local, digitally-driven manufacturing enables companies to increase the pace of innovation, bringing more complex parts to market faster with fewer limitations.

Enable economic growth

Every dollar spent on manufacturing contributes an additional $2.79 to the U.S. economy—more than any other industry. Bringing this value home will provide a meaningful boost to the broader economy.

Build resilient supply chains

Global supply chains are increasingly sensitive to geopolitical dynamics and sustainability concerns. Building a domestic manufacturing and product innovation ecosystem is critical for the United States to stay competitive
on the global stage.


Meeting at MIT


Rethinking Additive


Founding VulcanForms™


Securing seed funding


Establishing Headquarters




Integrated Digital Production

Born Out OF MIT

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Meeting at MIT

The seeds of VulcanForms™ were planted in the fall of 2013 at MIT. Martin C. Feldmann met Professor John Hart in his first semester as a graduate student in manufacturing. Somewhat serendipitously, John decided to teach a course to the Manufacturing program on a new topic—additive manufacturing, and Martin was a student in that class.

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Rethinking Additive

After Martin finished his Master’s thesis one year later, he chose to stay at MIT and do research in John’s lab related to nanomaterials and battery electrodes. As Martin and John worked in the same space, they began discussing a shared interest in additive manufacturing—in particular the challenges that prevented it from reaching industrial scale. One thing led to another, and they began brainstorming new approaches to laser powder bed fusion, seeking to improve its throughput and quality.

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Founding VulcanForms™

Soon thereafter, Martin and John co-founded VulcanForms™ and filed the first patent application capturing their ideas. Martin and John then refined their concept, and Martin built the company's first prototype between his apartment and a small lab space they rented near MIT.

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Securing seed funding

VulcanForms™ raised seed financing from Eclipse Ventures and built the first system that validated its breakthrough industrial additive manufacturing technology.

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Establishing Headquarters

VulcanForms™ raised Series A financing, established its headquarters in Burlington, MA. The company built its first production machine, and built world-class teams focusing on software, materials, automation, and operations.

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Carrying the momentum, VulcanForms™ began building its first production factory-VulcanOne-in Devens, MA. This facility is powered by a fleet of 100 kilowatt laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing systems, totaling over 2 megawatts of laser capacity.

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Integrated Digital Production

VulcanForms™ reveals its integrated digital production system, as it partners with the world’s most innovative companies and serially produces engineered components at scale.

VulcanForms Executive JohnVulcanForms Executive John

“VulcanForms™ brings forth metal additive manufacturing as a scalable industrial process, and as a cornerstone of breakthrough digital production systems. Integrated digital production facilities are critical infrastructure which will accelerate domestic and global innovation and draw top talent to the manufacturing sector.”

John Hart, Co-Founder of VulcanForms™

Board of Directors

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Partner at Eclipse Ventures, Former VP of Production at Tesla

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Founder and Chairman of Analog Devices and Founder of Stata Venture Partners

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Co-Founder of VulcanForms™, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT

Co-Founder of VulcanForms™, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT

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Co-Founder, President & CEO of VulcanForms™

Co-Founder, President & CEO of VulcanForms™

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Former President of Pratt & Whitney

Former President of Pratt & Whitney

VulcanForms Executive Martin

“Manufacturing is the engine that drives the US economy. VulcanForms™ has the technology, infrastructure, and expertise to fundamentally rethink the way products are imagined, designed, built, and delivered.”

Martin Feldmann, Co-Founder of VulcanForms™


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