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Martin C. Feldmann

Martin C. Feldmann

Co-Founder and CEO, VulcanForms

Martin is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of VulcanForms, which he founded along with Prof. John Hart. From an early age, Martin was fascinated by manufacturing, how it defines the modern world since the industrial revolution and how it is ingrained in every aspect of our lives. This passion led him to pursue a B.Sc. in mechanical and production engineering at RWTH Aachen (Germany) followed by a master’s degree in manufacturing from MIT.

During his undergraduate education in Germany, Martin gained practical experience on the shop floor at ThyssenKrupp’s largest automotive steel mill and in Daimler AG’s quality management division for the foundry and forge at the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. At Daimler, Martin worked on the development of a new quality assurance system for the production of aluminum die-casted structural automotive components. Martin began his professional career in 2008 working for his family’s construction business. In the United States, Martin first worked as Research Consultant at a battery startup that was founded by MIT Professor Donald Sadoway and David Bradwell. After the completion of his graduate degree, Martin started as Research Specialist in Prof. Hart’s Mechanosynthesis group at MIT, where Martin initiated ACAM, MIT’s first ground-up Laser Powder Bed Fusion (“L-PBF”) metal additive manufacturing research program.

Since co-founding VulcanForms, Martin has fully dedicated all his efforts towards making VulcanForms the benchmark for metal additive mass production.