Job Location
Burlington, MA, USA

Position: Hardware Controls Technician

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Hardware Controls Technician

As a Hardware Controls Technician at VulcanForms, your main objective will be to build, commission, test hardware, controls, and electro-mechanical systems for the world’s most productive and advanced metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) systems. You will work with our hardware, software, and controls engineers to install, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair controls systems. You will assemble complex mechatronic systems, integrate and calibrate their sensing, monitoring, and actuation subsystems.

You will support uptime, yield, and availability of the printers and assist the engineering team with new projects.

This role is a very hands-on job requiring familiarity with precise hardware assembly techniques, soldering electronics, setting up test equipment, troubleshooting, and monitoring devices. The tasks to perform are technically challenging and will test your attention to detail and precision.

You will assist our controls teams’ daily operations, develop the necessary safety and work procedures, develop assembly methods, and maintain order and inventory.

You will also work with a cross-disciplinary team to further improve our AM system design and performance. You will participate in and provide first-hand feedback on system design and integration.

  • Working knowledge of US electrical safety standards, including NFPA 70 / 70E, NFPA 79, and or IEC 60204-1.
  • Demonstrated ability to appropriately size and select electrical power distribution components, including wire and cable, commonly found in machine control systems
  • Experience with generating/maintaining and following electrical schematics required to assemble and troubleshoot all electrical and control systems.
  • Extensive experience with electrical/electronic assembly techniques, including panel assembly, wiring, termination, crimping, soldering, grounding/bonding techniques, ESD protection, etc. Experience should include analog and digital circuitry up to 50 VDC and power circuitry up to 3-phase 480 VAC.
  • Experience with a wide variety of sensors and actuators, and the ability to select/recommend the best for a particular application.
  • Experience with wiring, commissioning, and troubleshooting PLC-based control systems (preferably B&R, Beckhoff, Siemens), including control networks and distributed I/O, stepper and servo motion controllers, VFDs, and safety systems.
  • Experience and ability to perform limited PCB rework, solder surface mount components.
  • Ability to organize and track equipment, write test reports, carry out and create assembly and test procedures.
  • Experience using standard test/measurement/diagnostic equipment, including multimeters, current probes, oscilloscopes, and other data collection/logging equipment.
  • Experience with precision electro-mechanical assemblies.
  • Experience with testing software is a plus.
  • Enthusiastic about learning new things and proactive about improving the work environment.
  • Associates degree in mechatronics, electrical engineering, electronics, or related technical disciplines.