Job Location
Burlington, MA, USA

Position: Electro-Optical Technician

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Electro-Optical Technician

As an Electro-Optical Technician at VulcanForms, your main objective will be to build and test laser and optical system for the world’s most productive and advanced metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) systems. You will assemble complex opto-mechanical systems, and integrate their sensing, monitoring and actuation subsystems. You will commission and assemble fiber laser systems and perform fiber splicing and coupling. This is a very hands-on job requiring familiarity with precise opto-mechanical assembly techniques, soldering electronics, setting up test equipment, troubleshooting and monitoring devices. The tasks you will be given are technically challenging and will test your attention to detail and precision.

You will assist our photonics teams’ daily operations, including setting up the clean room, developing the necessary safety and work procedures, developing assembly methods, maintaining order and inventory.

You will also work with a cross-disciplinary team to further improve our AM system design and performance. You will participate-in and provide first-hand feedback on optical system design and integration.

  • Experience with precision opto-mechanical assemblies, component inspection, and/or electronic or electro-mechanical assemblies.
  • Skilled in precision assembly
  • Experience with setting up and conducting optical, electrical, temperature, data logging tests
  • Experience with troubleshooting electronic circuits
  • Experience with the electronics assembly techniques: wiring, crimping, soldering, ESD protection.
  • Hands-on experience with fiber optics coupling and fiber terminating techniques (cleaving, splicing)
  • Experienced with optical and/or electrical test equipment
  • Experience with testing software (LabView, other) is a plus
  • Enthusiastic about learning new things and proactive about improving the work environment
  • Associates degree in optics, mechatronics, engineering, physics, or related technical disciplines